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Eva Storage Bench

With this storage bench, you can clear out the clutter in your hallway and relax while tying your shoes.

5460.00 LE 4200.00 LE

Hano Shoe Storage Cabinet

Up to 30 pairs of shoes can be stored in this attractive shoe cabinet. If you have a serious shoe collection

6410.00 LE 5300.00 LE

Radana 3-Drawer Shoe Storage

The Radana 3-drawer shoe storage padded leatherette seating bench has a modern and contemporary look to it. The Arielle's clean and functional design features powder coated vinyl legs that support the seating bench's framework while also providing storage drawers for hallway essentials.

5720.00 LE 4580.00 LE

Jire Shoe Stoarge Bench

With this storage bench, you can clear out the clutter in your hallway and relax while tying your shoes.

4980.00 LE 4150.00 LE

Luxe Rolling Clothes Rack | Double Rod

Maximize the storage space of your dressing room, avoid cluttered living space by using this rolling garment rack. Its amazing Z-shaped frame adds an exquisite style to the decor.

4450.00 LE 3350.00 LE

Muirenn 15 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Maureen Shoe Cabinet has a stylish and modern design that is eye-catching.

5980.00 LE 4810.00 LE

lolita 4 Pair Shoe Storage Bench

This item functions as both a bench and a shoe rack. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Many hallways lack a shoe storage cabinet and a seat where you can put your shoes on in a relaxed manner.

3000.00 LE 1950.00 LE

Carmena Shoe Storage Bench

In the guise of an elegant piece of furniture, this multifunctional shoe storage bench will bring order to your hallway

3350.00 LE 2250.00 LE

Sandhya 17 Pair Shoe Rack

It's not easy to keep your shoes in check. To keep them from being scattered around, keep them in this shoe storage cabinet rack where they can truly feel at home. Then you won't find them wandering around aimlessly.

4520.00 LE 3590.00 LE

Barbara 12 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Cabinet

This freestanding, stackable shoe storage unit can hold 12 pairs of shoes and is a simple yet stylish option.

4210.00 LE 3150.00 LE

Saki Counter Height Dining Set

A matching pub table is now available for our most popular counter-height stools.

7900.00 LE 6200.00 LE

Aurora Multipurpose Round Wood Mirror

Aurora Multipurpose Round Wood Mirror Place this stunning mirror in any room that might use a little more personality.

1500.00 LE 1080.00 LE