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Have a luxury wall shelf and use every tiny space at your home, choose yours now from our massive collection

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Sketch Handmade Double Wall Shelf with 4 Hooks

Add a rustic look to your kitchen wall with this double shelf, it also allows easy access to the mugs and other utensils. You won't hesitate to purchase it If you admire the Handmade products.

1590.00 LE 1100.00 LE

Schut Dark Wall Shelf with Hooks

This shelf is the perfect choice for small and narrow bathrooms as it helps in organising stuff with no space used on the floor.

2140.00 LE 1500.00 LE

Semiala Wall Mounted Shelf With Hooks

An elegant and practical design, adds a contemporary look to your space in addition to its function as a storage shelf with hooks for hanging clothes or towels, it comes in black or wooden colors that blend well with any decor.

1310.00 LE 860.00 LE

Kanga Solid Hanging Wall Shelf | 5 Hooks

Let this modern wall shelf add an elegant touch into your room, in addition to organizing your stuff, books, accessories or whatever. It has 3 separated parts for books or kids toys, plus the 5 hooks.

3670.00 LE 2500.00 LE

Proto Corner Wall Mounted Shelf

May this corner is what you're looking for, as it is the best if you have a corner beside the house door. It provides a stylish look, in addition to the practical use of the hooks for hanging coats, bags and scarfs.

1900.00 LE 1350.00 LE

Luxury Hutch Floating Wall Shelf Unit

This floating shelf unit will be the more functional piece of your furniture, it is suitable for kids' room, living room, and kitchen. it is provided with 4 compartments, the middle of them are closed for functional storage.

5240.00 LE 4050.00 LE