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Tacktik Cubic Wooden Storage Box

May this Wooden Storage Box helps in organizing your stuff like books or kids toys, it has 2 handles to be carried easily. It's natural look and simple design blend well with any decor.

1462.68 LE 835.81 LE
(Save 43%)

Delight Corner Shelf Unit | 5 shelves

Convert any corner in your home into a functional storage area. It consists of 5 tier shelves and is suitable for entryway, kitchen, and rooms. the combination of wood and metal adds an elegant look plus the durability feature.

8402.58 LE 5989.98 LE
(Save 29%)

Ruckus Wood and Metal Shelving Unit

Use it as a bookcase, display unit, or storage cabinet, it will be the best addition to your furniture. it provides you with decorative features and practical storage. it has 5 large shelves with a bronze finish frame that adds a classy look to your decor.

8879.33 LE 6279.82 LE
(Save 29%)

Roddsy Bamboo Shelving Unit | 5 Shelves

Add a little personality into your storage space by choosing this shelving unit, it is a combination of many features like the durability of natural bamboo and its charming design that is practical at the same time.

13706.34 LE 6569.65 LE
(Save 52%)

Edulus Bamboo 6 Shelves Unit

Display all your potted plants and organize them with this elegant bamboo shelving unit. it is durable enough to carry the potted plants and more of your stuff, plus its modern design that fits into any home decor.

13388.51 LE 7149.33 LE
(Save 47%)

Purity Bamboo Multifunctional Shelving Rack

if you used it as a clothes organizer in the bathroom or a plant stand on the balcony, you will love it anyway. it has 3 shelves that are made of natural bamboo which is known for its stability, so this rack will last for many years.

8839.60 LE 6279.82 LE
(Save 29%)

Sandy Wood and Metal Shelving Unit | 3 Shelves

Add to your home furniture this modern shelving unit to enjoy its fabulous design and multifunctional use. the combination of wood and metal makes it sturdy enough plus being elegant. it has 3 shelves that are considered spacious storage space.

8598.39 LE 6636.47 LE
(Save 23%)

Zayma Heavy Duty Portable Plant Stand | 2 parts

bloom your space by relying on this unit, it is made of heavy-duty metal and consists of 5 tier shelves, so it can be used as a bookcase also. the packet has 2 stands that allow variety in displaying your stuff.

15076.98 LE 12308.44 LE
(Save 18%)

Zona Curved Shelving Unit | 10 Shelves

Enlarge your plants' space and organize it with this metal shelving unit, it is an elegant addition to your home. the black color adds a decorative feature to your space.

18990.24 LE 15458.01 LE
(Save 19%)

Rustic 5 Tier Storage Shelf Decoration Rack

Keep your kitchen clean and organized with this elegant storage shelf, its flexible design allows it to blend well with any decor. It is durable and stable enough to carry kitchenware, so you can reach easily to what you need.

10587.65 LE 8038.17 LE
(Save 24%)

Narny Wood and Metal Framed Shelving Unit

Add a natural touch to your home decor through this shelving unit that has a natural wood finish and black metal frame. It is an elegant, durable unit and conveninet for any room in your home.

12613.81 LE 9854.48 LE
(Save 22%)

Timber Bamboo Shelving unit | 4 shelves

Add it to the living room or reading corner to enlarge your bookcase, it is also convenient for displaying plants in the balcony, and organizing appliances in the kitchen. It is durable and resistant to humidity because it is made of natural bamboo.

13885.12 LE 11013.83 LE
(Save 21%)

Julliet Shelf Unit and Organizer with 4 Shelves

Are you looking for a storage solution that is perfect for small spaces! Don't hesitate, this shelve unit provides you with optimal storage benefits though the vertical expansion, and a decorative addition as well.

7905.98 LE 5874.04 LE
(Save 26%)

Hayra Matte Metal and Wood Shelving Unit

When it comes to organizing, the shelving units are the best, because it provides you with a large storage capacity and a modern look for your home decor. this 5 tier shelving unit is made of natural wood shelves and a metal frame.

14361.86 LE 11303.67 LE
(Save 21%)

Daizzy Black Corner Shelf Unit | 3 shelves

Complete your home furniture with this elegant shelf unit, it's not only a practical addition to the tight corners, but also it adds a charming view to any corner wherever it is placed. you can use more than one unit to enlarge the storage space.

7111.41 LE 4521.47 LE
(Save 36%)