Living Room

Enjoy our amazing designs for living rooms from revvvd and create a unique comfy corner at your home 

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Accur Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Upgrade your living room with this functional and stylish Accur Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage which is made of natural wood. A large tabletop that provides ample space, and can be raised to meet your needs.

9544.92 LE 6974.21 LE
(Save 27%)

Crova Coffee Table with a Sliding Storage

This rectangular coffee table in white and natural wood colors is the perfect combination of style and functionality, it offers a sliding side table and a drawer to fulfill your daily storage is made of natural wood for stability and durability.

9381.66 LE 6143.19 LE
(Save 35%)

Disa Rectangular Lift Top Coffee Table

Elevate your living room decor with this modern lift-top rectangular coffee table. This versatile piece features a hidden storage compartment and adjustable height surface, making it the perfect addition to any space.

9406.38 LE 5938.72 LE
(Save 37%)

Frame Coffee Table

For added durability, natural wood and a matte-black metal frame were used. It has a classic colour palette and a trendy design that goes with almost any decor.

5658.38 LE 3629.28 LE
(Save 36%)

Jozlyn Natural Wood Coffee Table In Espresso Finish

With the coffee table, you can bring the traditional simplicity of Scandinavian design into your home or office.

6487.50 LE 5080.99 LE
(Save 22%)

Kamile 3 Legs Coffee Table

Your dinner may be over after a carefully crafted three-course meal and plenty of talking, but that doesn't mean the celebration has to end.

4334.69 LE 3119.91 LE
(Save 28%)

Latasha Coffee Table with Storage

This budget-friendly coffee table will tie the ensemble in your studio apartment or modern living area together

3054.65 LE 3501.94 LE
(Save -15%)

Lemington 3 Legs Coffee Table

When it comes to completing your seating arrangement, nothing beats a coffee table for providing useful surface area and on-trend style in one package.

4218.33 LE 3018.03 LE
(Save 28%)