Shoe Storage Cabinets

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Mercl Tier 18 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Finally, with the 3-Tier 18-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet, you can put an end to the shoe mayhem and neatly store all of your shoes.
5150.00 LE 3900.00 LE

Veronica 8 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

You have too many shoes and are concerned about not having enough space to store your favourites.
4280.00 LE 3990.00 LE

Hermina 12 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

This shoe storage cabinet is a beautiful piece with a sleek and contemporary style. It's the ideal shoe storage solution that looks fantastic in your home while also keeping you free of clutter.
5460.00 LE 4250.00 LE

Barbara 12 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Cabinet

This freestanding, stackable shoe storage unit can hold 12 pairs of shoes and is a simple yet stylish option.
4210.00 LE 3150.00 LE

Sandhya 17 Pair Shoe Rack

It's not easy to keep your shoes in check. To keep them from being scattered around, keep them in this shoe storage cabinet rack where they can truly feel at home. Then you won't find them wandering around aimlessly.
4520.00 LE 3590.00 LE

Catherine 18 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Elegant and simple design
5480.00 LE 4290.00 LE