Now you can keep your shoes organised and clean away from dust with our shoe storage cabinets collection from Revvvd, enjoy selecting your own!

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Sobi Shoe Storage Cabinet with 5 drawers

This shoe storage cabinet is designed to keep your footwear organized and easily accessible. With five drawers and open shelves, it offers a variety of storage options to accommodate different types of shoes.

8950.00 LE 5999.00 LE
(Save 33%)

cubla Shoe Storage Bench -white

Avoid cluttered entryway of your house and keep your shoes organized and clean using this cubla shoe storage bench, its white color blends well with the new modern decor, flexible design as it contains fixed shelves and also 2 adjustable shelves to manage its height according to your needs.

4672.50 LE 4226.50 LE
(Save 10%)

lolita 4 Pair Shoe Storage Bench

This item functions as both a bench and a shoe rack. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Many hallways lack a shoe storage cabinet and a seat where you can put your shoes on in a relaxed manner.

3150.00 LE 2086.50 LE
(Save 34%)

Stevalli Corner Shoe Storage Cabinet

This cabinet fits neatly into any corner of your home, providing ample storage space for all of your footwear. Featuring a durable construction and a sleek, modern design.

9000.00 LE 6200.00 LE
(Save 31%)

TOLA White Shoe Bench With Storage unit

The smart design of this shoe storage unit may fit your needs to keep your home mess-free as it consists of two open shelves, two drawers, and a removable bench where you can sit while lacing up your shoes.

4798.50 LE 4012.50 LE
(Save 16%)

Carmena Shoe Storage Bench

In the guise of an elegant piece of furniture, this multifunctional shoe storage bench will bring order to your hallway

3517.50 LE 2407.50 LE
(Save 32%)

STODA Shoe Storage Bench With Drawers - White

Add a charming and multifunctional addition to your home with this shoe storage bench. Its white color fits any decor. That bench helps you to keep your space tidy and decluttered. avoid standing on one leg while changing your shoes and take a seat on this comfort bench.

5565.00 LE 4547.50 LE
(Save 18%)

Terana Shoe Storage unit -BROWN

Keep your space free from any clutter usingTerana shoe storage unit. it provides you a wide space for organizing all types of shoes with a comfy top seat made of a soft and high-resilience sponge that helps you to change your shoes while sitting.

5229.00 LE 4333.50 LE
(Save 17%)

Daloi Shoe Stoarge Bench

This is a fantastic solution for your hallway, made of strong natural fiberboards for long-term usage and painted with environmentally friendly paint to ensure no harm to your family.

5397.00 LE 4159.09 LE
(Save 23%)

Beery Shoe Storage Bench

With this shoe storage bench, you can say goodbye to clutter in the hallway and beyond.

5113.50 LE 3700.00 LE
(Save 28%)

Dale Storage Bench

Chipboard is used to make our products. It's a shoe cabinet with four conventional shelves and one huge shelf for a hallway storage unit.

5019.00 LE 3905.50 LE
(Save 22%)

Eva Storage Bench

With this storage bench, you can clear out the clutter in your hallway and relax while tying your shoes.

5733.00 LE 4494.00 LE
(Save 22%)

Alicia Wood Storage Bench

Alicia A seat and shoe storage cabinet constructed of the best woods that provides a decorative touch to any room.

4714.50 LE 3991.10 LE
(Save 15%)

Shami Wood Storage Bench

This storage bench is both functional and stylish, and it can be used to store shoes, books, décor items, and more.

4042.50 LE 2300.00 LE
(Save 43%)

Lindsay Wood Storage Hallway Bench

If you're looking for a storage cabinet and entryway bench, you're in the right place. Lindsey Shoe Storage Stool & Cabinet is designed to suit all types of decor.

5974.50 LE 4729.40 LE
(Save 21%)

Jire Shoe Stoarge Bench

With this storage bench, you can clear out the clutter in your hallway and relax while tying your shoes.

5229.00 LE 4440.50 LE
(Save 15%)

Mercl Tier 18 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Finally, with the 3-Tier 18-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet, you can put an end to the shoe mayhem and neatly store all of your shoes.

5407.50 LE 4173.00 LE
(Save 23%)

Veronica 8 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

You have too many shoes and are concerned about not having enough space to store your favourites.

4494.00 LE 4269.30 LE
(Save 5%)

Hermina 12 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

This shoe storage cabinet is a beautiful piece with a sleek and contemporary style. It's the ideal shoe storage solution that looks fantastic in your home while also keeping you free of clutter.

5733.00 LE 4100.00 LE
(Save 28%)

Barbara 12 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Cabinet

This freestanding, stackable shoe storage unit can hold 12 pairs of shoes and is a simple yet stylish option.

4420.50 LE 3370.50 LE
(Save 24%)

Sandhya 17 Pair Shoe Rack

It's not easy to keep your shoes in check. To keep them from being scattered around, keep them in this shoe storage cabinet rack where they can truly feel at home. Then you won't find them wandering around aimlessly.

4746.00 LE 3841.30 LE
(Save 19%)

Catherine 18 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

Elegant and simple design

5754.00 LE 4590.30 LE
(Save 20%)

Ajena Shoe Storage Cabinet - Grey

The timeless design always wins, like Ajena shoe storage cabinet as It fits with any decor easily, in addition to the large storage space provided. it has two oblique doors that open easily by the high-quality soft close hinges.

6205.50 LE 5050.40 LE
(Save 19%)

Stoja 16 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

The 4 shelves may be mounted diagonally or straight and offer space for up to 16 pairs of shoes, making this shoe storage cabinet a wonderful eye-catcher wherever in the house.

6268.50 LE 5232.30 LE
(Save 17%)