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TV table, stand, units and cabinets from revvvd now, and create a unique living corner! 

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Acero Modern TV Unit with Storage

This natural wood TV unit boasts a sleek and modern design, complete with ample storage space in its convenient drawers of panels for visual flaire.

11887.70 LE 9426.16 LE
(Save 21%)

Agari TV Stand

This TV stand is one-of-a-kind and memorable because of its appealing design.

9021.70 LE 7032.55 LE
(Save 22%)

Aidals TV Stand

Aidals All High Gloss Modern Wall Mounted Floating TV Stand, Double 79" Width Up to 88-inch TVs can be accommodated.

7551.04 LE 4815.10 LE
(Save 36%)

Alans TV Stand for TVs

If you mount it on your wall, it may be used as a stand for your television or as an elegant piece of furniture to store all of your media devices.

6154.53 LE 4532.09 LE
(Save 26%)

Almanz TV Stand for TVs

TV stands are the best friends of living rooms and entertainment spaces, setting the stage for the big game, a movie marathon, or that season finale everyone is talking about

6364.63 LE 4844.64 LE
(Save 24%)

Andria TV Stand

Set the foundation for the living room with this TV stand. Blurring the lines between industrial appeal and modern design, this TV stand anchors your entertainment space in curated style.

4918.68 LE 3360.00 LE
(Save 32%)

Casar TV Stand

There are three levels to the TV stand. A well-crafted base with two drawers and two cabinets is followed by a space in the centre designed to showcase an electrical item.

9553.12 LE 7813.94 LE
(Save 18%)

Doure TV Stand for TVs

This TV stand combines modern design with versatility to provide your home with even more options.

7007.27 LE 5469.76 LE
(Save 22%)

Elin TV Stand for TVs

Use it as a television stand, console, or cabinet. This card has a high-gloss front and a high-gloss back.

12185.48 LE 9917.70 LE
(Save 19%)

Faught TV Stand for TVs

Faught TV Stand for TVs , This contemporary corner TV stand is ideal for maximising space and showcasing your own items.

6179.25 LE 4688.37 LE
(Save 24%)

Floatia TV Stand for TVs

You'll need a floating TV console if you're planning to have a wall-mounted TV.

5252.36 LE 3828.83 LE
(Save 27%)

Gilfor TV Stand for TVs

This floating TV stand keeps your flooring clutter-free and gives your living room or bedroom a wonderfully modern appeal.

5635.48 LE 3955.06 LE
(Save 30%)

Graffi TV Unit with 3 Drawers - Expandable

May this tv unit is what you exactly want. It offers 3 wide drawers with the expansion feature to control its size according to your space. The walnut finish enhances your decor scheme.

10734.24 LE 7863.38 LE
(Save 27%)

Hawki Floating Entertainment Centre for

The front of the modern floating TV stand extends to three large drawers. This contemporary piece is a little media console with a lot of storage.

8836.33 LE 7032.55 LE
(Save 20%)

Herulf Floating TV Stand for TVs

The floating TV Stand (Herulf) is very distinctive with a strong modern design that suits different decor styles, and it also contains two main large shelves that you can store books or antiques in them.

4844.53 LE 3438.13 LE
(Save 29%)

Hetfi TV Stand for TVs

This product, which is made of natural wood in revvvd factories, isIndustries is durable and fits all styles

10931.09 LE 8595.34 LE
(Save 21%)

Jami TV Unit With Storage -Expandable

Upgrade your living room with this practical TV unit that provides you with storage and enchanting decor. It can be expanded or retracted according to your space and preference.

9651.40 LE 7853.26 LE
(Save 19%)

Kiern TV Stand for TVs

‏Kiern TV Stand for TVs TV units are always a nice addition, whether they're in your bedroom or on display in your living room

4925.16 LE 3102.55 LE
(Save 37%)

Kist Floating TV Stand for TVs

Kist Floating TV Stand for TVs Two open shelves on this TV console are ideal for DVD players, CDs, projector cable boxes, game consoles, and TV components.

4819.82 LE 3438.13 LE
(Save 29%)

Marcellina TV Stand for TVs

Marcellina TV Stand for TVs This TV stand, which is handcrafted from the highest quality materials

8057.74 LE 6311.26 LE
(Save 22%)

Mervyn TV Stand for TVs

This Mervyn TV Stand is ideal for today's extra-wide TV screens and will give your living space a modern, high-end look.

10665.39 LE 5561.89 LE
(Save 48%)

Occo Modern TV Unit with 3 Drawers

Keep your living room clutter-free and enjoy its elegant decor with this modern unit, it is made of natural wood for ensuring more durability. It offers 3 spacious drawers for storage.

9910.34 LE 7729.68 LE
(Save 22%)

Ozge TV Stand for TVs

Ozge TV Stand for TVs This contemporary piece is a little media console with a lot of storage. It's available in two different hues.

8650.95 LE 6972.44 LE
(Save 19%)

Persephone TV Stand for TVs

Persephone TV Stand for TVs , Wade Logan believes that ultra-modern design is compatible with affordability and adaptability

8823.97 LE 7152.76 LE
(Save 19%)

Pritts TV Stand for TVs

TV Stand (Brits) with a modern and elegant design, this stand will show your room in a distinctive way, and there are places to store your things.

10010.38 LE 8054.37 LE
(Save 20%)

Remmers TV Stand for TVs

Remmers TV Stand for TVs This black assortment is stylish and simple to use for live entertainment. This 152cm TV stand has three storage drawers and three open slots for your electronic components

11122.65 LE 9064.17 LE
(Save 19%)

Seyra Wood Extendable TV Stand with 3-Drawers

Discover the best blend of beauty and quality، in addition to the storage features. It has 3 spacious drawers to keep your living space tidy and organized. You can manage its Length according to your needs.

8400.00 LE 5990.00 LE
(Save 29%)

Shropshire TV Stand for TVs

contemporary style TV console. Featuring a solid 152cm top and a tempered glass shelf along with a bottom shelf to place your audio/visual/gaming components or decorative objects.

7396.56 LE 5950.62 LE
(Save 20%)

Solomon TV Stand for TVs

Solomon TV Stand for TVs This TV stand gives your living room or leisure area a simple style and plenty of storage space.

7254.44 LE 5626.04 LE
(Save 22%)

Sonama Wood TV Stand with Shelves

This stylish TV stand boasts slatted doors, shelves, and high-quality materials. It's a beautiful and functional piece for any modern living space. It adds a classy look and keeps your space clutter-free.

11675.84 LE 8039.77 LE
(Save 31%)

Vaca Floating Entertainment Centre for TVs

Vaca Floating Entertainment Centre This theatre panel 1.8 creates a sophisticated theatrical vibe for your living room.

11610.52 LE 8905.98 LE
(Save 23%)

Vesperina TV Stand for TVs

Vesperina TV Stand for TVs If your TV hangs on the wall, the TV stand's contemporary modern design is perfect for use as a stand to place your television on, or as an appealing and functional piece of furniture to store all of your media devices

8206.04 LE 6251.15 LE
(Save 24%)

Deva TV Stand for TVs

your  TV is a centerpiece in your home, so why not give it an on-trend look with a TV stand like this? Perfect for a mid-century-inspired room,

4313.12 LE 3474.20 LE
(Save 19%)

Modern Walnut TV Stand Rectangle Walnut

The 4 Drawer TV Console in Walnut Rectangle Media Stand 94 Inch Modern Walnut TV Stand

7223.84 LE 5603.46 LE
(Save 22%)

Maselia Modern Extendable TV Stand

Unique and smart design, you can adjust the length of the stand as you like or according to the available space. It contains 3 drawers, a diminutive storage unit, and many shelves.

11122.65 LE 8655.44 LE
(Save 22%)

Boxline White and wooden TV Stand

Make your space looks enchanting and charm your eyes with this elegant TV stand that has functional features as well. The two cabinets and shelves allow spacious storage space for books, decorations, and DVD players.

8962.86 LE 6653.37 LE
(Save 26%)

Arcul Floating Wood TV Unit 3 Drawers

Get storage and stylish look to your living room space. It has three drawers that are perfect for hiding away all your media essentials, and it's hung on the wall so you can easily access them. It is made of natural wood for lasting along.

9157.06 LE 6516.30 LE
(Save 29%)

Rotta Modern Tv Unit with Storage

Enjoy your family time in an organized living room with Rotta Modern Tv Unit with Storage of a contemporary design. The combination of rattan with natural wooden color adds a vintage look, it offers two drawers and a wide cabinet for storage.

9239.45 LE 7296.01 LE
(Save 21%)