Bathroom mirrors

Choose your favorite Bathroom mirrors that are a combination of practical and decorative values. LED unit frames or rustic wooden, and many other minimalistic designs from Revvvd.

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ALBA Mirror with Moving Back Storage

enjoy the charming decorative look combined with the functional use with alba mirror. it has LED lighting units to enhance the design of the mirror and a good vision, in addition to providing a space for keeping your care products away from clutter.

5040.00 LE 3999.00 LE

Aviana movable Round mirror with storage

Take perfect Selfies with this elegant and modern mirror, its round shape adds a charming and stylish touch to your decor, in addition to the storage unit that is useful in keeping all your beauty products in one place.

4320.00 LE 3540.00 LE

Giulia wood mirror with multi-use storage shelves

Never hesitate to own this multifunctional wood mirror, the beauty products are on one side shelves while towels and decorative items are on the other. it allows fine storage space with an elegant look. the mirror is made of strong glassy paint and natural wood that is resistant to moisture.

1560.00 LE 1260.00 LE

Gokcha wood mirror with storage shelves

Enjoy the simple and functional design of this mirror while keeping all your beauty products organized and on sight as the frame consists of many shelves surrounding the mirror which is made of the best glass materials

2760.00 LE 2220.00 LE

Orlina wood mirror

If you are interested in simplicity and minimalism furniture try this elegant mirror with a frame is crafted from high quality natural wood that lasts for many years.

1920.00 LE 1440.00 LE

Perai led mirror with storage unit and multi-use

You won't need extra storage space when you have this elegant and Multifunctional led mirror. It is made of high-quality glassy paint and the storage unit is made of natural wood to resist moisture and last for many years.

4680.00 LE 3780.00 LE

Revvvd mirrors with lighting, Amabile Wood Mirror

The mirror is on the quiet side and gives you a feeling of simplicity and class.

2760.00 LE 1800.00 LE

Aurora Multipurpose Round Wood Mirror

Aurora Multipurpose Round Wood Mirror Place this stunning mirror in any room that might use a little more personality.

1500.00 LE 1080.00 LE

Silvia Wooden Hanging Mirror

Add a vintage decorative to complete your wall decor with silvia hanging mirror, it has a wooden frame with a rustic look. It is convenient for any room in your house.

1656.00 LE 1260.00 LE

Magallon Entry Way Modern and Contemporary Wall Mirror

Entryway spaces are the perfect place for this stylish and functional Entry Way Accent Wall Mirror. Decorating with mirrors in the entryway creates additional light and space.

1608.00 LE 1344.00 LE

Helena Blue Wooden Frame Mirror

This simple, stylish 60cm rectangular mirror gives the finishing touch to your bathroom whatever the decor type. The frame is blue in color and made of natural wood with coating materials to avoid moisture.

1536.00 LE 1200.00 LE

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Introduction: It is a bathroom wall cabinet. This model is made of excellent Natural Wood, straightforward nickel-plated handle.

3500.00 LE 2700.00 LE

Samara Farmhouse Vanity Mirror

The bathroom mirror is a must to check how you are looking before leaving, samara farmhouse vanity mirror is the perfect choice if you are interested in the practical use and simple design. it is made of high-quality glassy material to resist moisture, which allows long-lasting.

1476.00 LE 1260.00 LE

Tulin Led Mirror Cabinet

Complete the elegant decor of your modern bathroom with tulin led mirror, it is provided with a storage space that is divided into many shelves for organizing your stuff. It is a charming touch to your home decor.

3960.00 LE 3480.00 LE

Roca Led Bathroom Mirror with Storage unit

Don't sacrifice the bathroom space with many unnecessary items, enjoy the Multifunctional features of this mirror cabinet, in addition to the storage space, the led light frame is an elegant addition.

4920.00 LE 4200.00 LE

Cavena Led Mirror Cabinet With Shelves

keep your beauty products organized and easy to reach with this smart mirror cabinet. it has led light units on each side and over shelves that enhance the elegant decor and good vision. the cabinet contains 4 side shelves for storage so you won't need an extra one, in addition to the easy assembly feature.

3960.00 LE 3240.00 LE

Oscar Mirror Bathroom with Storage Cabinet

Add the amazing decorative touch to your bathroom with our Oscar mirror with wood storage cabinets.. Natural wood materials provide it with strength and quality needed to your daily use.

3460.00 LE 2720.00 LE

Round Cascade Round Mirror

A magical round bathroom mirror with an internal storage unit from Revvvd, helping you organizing your daily products like skin and hair care products

4128.00 LE 3360.00 LE

Passion Mirror with Storage Shelves

Enjoy this artistic piece of mirror from Revvvd, we introduce you a unique combination between a spectacular design and the spectacular way of keeping your stuff organized.

4800.00 LE 3990.00 LE

Amber Mirror with Storage Space

Discover the unique amazing design of bathroom mirror with an internal space inside, the double functional piece enables you to tide your daily things inside and enjoy it.

4500.00 LE 3600.00 LE

Ajsa Oval Wall Mirror - Black Frame

Elevate your wall decor style with this timeless wall mirror, its black frame adds a touch of elegance and matches easily with any decor scheme, minimalistic or traditional style.

2350.00 LE 1700.00 LE

AmeLee Surface Mount Framed 1 Door Medicine Cabinet

Decorating your bathroom using this versatile style wooden bathroom cabinet from Kleankin to free up the visual space and add storage space at the same time, order now from Revvvd.

3000.00 LE 2400.00 LE

Aphrodite Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror

Enhance your cozy farmhouse home with the Owing mirror, a piece of wall decor that blends fashion and function within its robust design. This beautiful Aphrodite Rectangle Metal wall mirror has a two-tone rustic brown and black finish, creating a stylish look that fits into various color schemes throughout the home.

2850.00 LE 2350.00 LE

Arame Brown Rectangle Wall Mirror

Our Arame rectangle wall mirror will complete your decor, especially if it is rustic farmhouse style, also the wooden frame provides more sturdiness. The mirror size is large enough to be more iconic in the total decor.

1800.00 LE