Kitchen Islands & Carts

widen your worktop space with Kitchen Islands, and enjoy easy moving of the kitchen carts that are provided with wheels.

There are many variations in materials and designs to ensure that you will find your favorite kitchen islands and carts. 

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Kilop Solid Wood Top

This Kitchen Island Cart is ideal for any kitchen that may benefit from some additional counter space.

4590.00 LE 3800.00 LE

Revvvd Sideboard

Add this kitchen pantry to give your kitchen the extra space it requires.

6900.00 LE 5999.00 LE

Revi Clements

With this stylish kitchen island, you can add counter space and storage to your kitchen. The lacquer-finished base is composed of engineered wood.

7430.00 LE 6400.00 LE

Craio Kitchen Island

The Craio Kitchen Island is the missing component in your kitchen that you've been looking for. This kitchen island features a modern style, utility, and colour combination that will stand out, with a 92 cm deep x 92 cm wide surface.

4800.00 LE 3600.00 LE

Cristi Kitchen Cart with Locking Wheels

Do you ever feel like you could use a helping hand in the kitchen? This all-in-one island is here to assist you!

5490.00 LE 4850.00 LE

Gady Kitchen Island

Two open shelves on this two-tone kitchen island are perfect for displaying pots, pans, or favourite cookbooks. This well-made piece of furniture focuses on both design and usefulness, making it an excellent island for your home's centre.

4800.00 LE 3950.00 LE

Jewlia Kitchen Island

Your kitchen will be more modern with the addition of a kitchen island.

7400.00 LE 5500.00 LE

Langi Kitchen Island with Locking Wheels

A large tabletop will give you more room to eat, assist you with meal prep, and give you plenty of room to exhibit your décor.

5101.00 LE 4400.00 LE

Oboyle Kitchen Island

Do you want your kitchen to have extra storage, prep space, and style? This kitchen island is an excellent choice.

5300.00 LE 4990.00 LE

Ropa Solid Wood Kitchen Cart

choose your comfort and get this solid wood kitchen cart as you can use it as a storage cabinet or a kitchen island. the top is made of solid natural wood, with two shelves for storage, and wheels that help move it easily.

4000.00 LE 3300.00 LE

Tolia Solid Wood Kitchen Cart and Locking Wheels

This traditional cart is a kitchen mainstay, and it's always a great stage for slicing veggies or frosting cupcakes.

3400.00 LE 2999.00 LE

weran Kitchen Cart with Locking Wheels

You're not alone if you frequently run out of storage space in your kitchen.

5900.00 LE 4800.00 LE

Tahome Kitchen Island

When you add our Tahome kitchen island to your house, you instantly get more space in your kitchen for food preparation and storage. Our cabinet, which was created with functionality in mind, will make your life at home easier.

7200.00 LE 6400.00 LE