Determination of the furniture color may be the hardest stage in decorating your home, as it should be chosen accordingly with the paint of walls and light.

But it can be super fun if you are considering some interesting tips on how to choose your furniture colors or have a helpful answer to some questions. Here we go through this article:

What to select first, the paint or the furniture?

Many hours are spent Scrolling through decoration websites and pages to decide on a certain color, then you are still confused about the wall painting color that matches well.

Stop confusing if your choice will be white or off-white for all walls. But it is better to choose the furniture colors first if you're not detecting certain preferred furniture colors.

As you know, the wall painting palette is larger and can be easily changed, rather than the furniture colors which are limited according to the available colors in stores.

How do light and color affect the interior design scheme?

No doubt there is a relationship between light and color that affects your home decor mode. That's why you feel relaxed in one room and alert in another room.

Light and color are used to maximize the space of any room or intimate it. As the amount and angle of the natural light change, the space color changes as well.

Artificial light affects the room color according to the used bulb, this tip should be taken into consideration.

So, you have to know more about the colors to select the convenient light mode for your home decor.

How could the color wheel be helpful for furniture color selection?

color wheel

The color wheel is one of the most important tools for the interior designer, it will be there for you too once you know the basics. There are some terms you have to know:

Primary color

We can't get a primary color by mixing colors. Like: Red, Blue, and Yellow

Secondary color

We get secondary colors by mixing primary colors. Like: Green, orange, and purple.

Tertiary color

Mixing a primary and secondary color makes 6 shades of colors.

Monochromatic colors

When you use the variable shades of the same color like blacks and greys, that are present in the same slice of the color wheel.

The monochromatic color scheme has become commonly used recently.

Complimentary colors

When you detect two different colors by looking across the color wheel and want them to work well together.

  • Examples: red and green, blue and orange, and black and white.

If you prefer contrasting colors, a complementary color palette will be your choice, however, the contracting degree between the two colors may show balance.

Analogous colors

A group of some colors, mainly three, are present in different slices of the color wheel. It's not necessary to contrast colors as in a complementary color palette.

Groups consist of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors with no rules to be contrasting.

  • Example: green, blue, purple.

               Yellow, green, yellow-green.

Applying an analogous color palette for interior design is much easier by using the color wheel. You choose colors from different slices that are matching and harmonic.

If you selected blue color to be the main, feels and greens would be perfect to complete the palette.

Can Cool colors and warm colors be mixed?

Yes, but the most important question is how to mix them aesthetically!

The rainbow is an example from nature showing the cool and warm colors together, so they can be mixed for your home decoration. The point is a balanced mix. Continue reading to know more.

Generally, Cool colors include blue and purple tones while warm colors include a red color tone.

Whatever color palette you choose, monochromatic palette or analogous palette,  you need to consider the color temperature options' effect on these colors. 

Color temperature

Color temperature is one of the metrics we use to help describe how warm or how cool the color of a light source is,” explains Mary Beth Gotti, manager of the GE Lighting and Electrical Institute in Cleveland, OH.

The color temperature can be warm, cool, or neutral.


  • Cool colors of the ceiling, walls, and furniture like white, black, and grey are convenient with a cool light tone.
  • Warm colors like wooden floors, wood storage cabinets, and brown fabrics are convenient with warm light.
  • The home decor style is an important factor as well, the cool light is preferred for minimalistic, and clean line home decor.
  • The traditional and transitional home styles look elegant with warm light.
  • A warm light option is the best for bedrooms to provide a relaxing feeling.

 Here are some simple tips to help you choose the right color for your furniture.

  1. Take your time searching online stores, Pinterest, and seeking inspiration for furniture colors selection
  2. Color selection is personal at first, follow the trend that suits your taste only.
  3. The interior furniture colors should be chosen first, then the paint colors because their range is wider than that of furniture.

Finally, We hope this article added new valuable information that would help you in choosing your interior furniture color.

Tips on How to choose your living room furniture the interior designer won’t tell you about it. - 1 Comments

The living room area is considered the home's focal point because it is where family members gather, watch TV, or even eat. So in this article, we will mention some tips on how to choose your living room furniture.

Tips to choose living room furniture.

You have been searching and watching many living room ideas to be applied to your home, but there are some tips to choose the right living room furniture.

Living Room Furniture Style

Feel Free to choose the furniture vibes you prefer, as there are no rules to stick to one era, make a comfortable combination of more than one design theme like contemporary lighting and lamp selection, Scandinavian antique-style furniture, and modern colors like grey and cream.

The main points you have to follow when you are trying some modern living modern Ideas are:

  • The furniture outlines relationships with the fillings.
  • try some repeated colors and Furniture materials to unit your selections together.
  • The final furniture shape should be harmonic.

How to choose a sofa for your living room

Buying the living room sofa is an investment that lasts for many years, So you have to think as much as you need before deciding to buy. You should consider some important points while comparing different stylish sofas :

  • Choose good-quality materials for living room seating.

You shouldn't hold back on choosing high-quality seating materials, because the sofa and living room armchairs are considered an investment that provides you a comfy stylish living room decor and remains new and durable for many years.

  • How the sofa will be oriented

Will you put the TV in the living room? The sofa will be directed towards it, or circular to fit gaming nights, or do you like reading and relaxing? So you need to have many cushions. It's up to your lifestyle.

  • The convenient shape for your space is the living room layout.

As there are many varieties of living room sofa shapes, you have to choose the best shape that fulfills your purpose: An L-shape sofa to make a separated area, or a round shape that would be the best sofa choice for small spaces.

  • The color of the sofa

The sofa's colors should be well matched to the other compartments of living room furniture like the carpet, tables, and paintings.

How to choose the suitable living room Coffee tables and side tables


Find the coffee table that provides a combination of functionality and elegance.

Consider the living room space you have to determine the size and shape of the coffee table:

  • small living room, a square or round table is preferred to let some space for easy moving.
  • Space isn't an issue, so no selection rules but keeping the balance among every compartment.

The coffee table should be as high as the sofa or a bit lower.

Choose coffee tables and side tables of high-quality materials like natural wood, and metal to last for many years.

Consider living room storage furniture

A living room with storage furniture will be organized and clutter-free all time, so try some tips to have some storage space for your living room.

Try a wood cabinet that works as a displaying unit or a bookcase.

Choose a sofa with built-in storage, it will be helpful if your living room is a multi-purpose room where the children are playing, working from home, and a family gathering space.

Best ideas for small living room furniture

Being aware of the space you have helps you get smart solutions to invest the available space perfectly and make it appear larger than its actual size.

Hereby are some tips for furniture for a small living room :

Let the natural light break in.


The natural light reflects a feeling of a larger and brighter space directly, so try to have wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling windows.

Open up to the entryway.

Quit the wall behind the living room sofa. If it is possible, it will brighten your small living room with light coming from the entryway.

A neutral sofa is perfect for a small living room.

try to choose a neutral-designed sofa that can be provided with little curves or contemporary colors. It may not be plain only.

Choose multi-tasking furniture for the living room.


Because the available space is limited, you have to avoid clutter and overcrowding of many furniture pieces by using smart multi-tasking furniture that provides two or more functions.

  • An entryway seat with storage drawers.
  • a shoe storage bench provides you with storage space to avoid clutter and has an upper padded seat to maximize the seating when there are guests.

Generally, the main points you need to pay attention to in how to choose your living room furniture are the space you own and your lifestyle that determines the furniture style.

How to Choose the right bathroom mirror

Choosing the right bathroom mirror

Most people show no interest in choosing the right bathroom mirror, they
consider it as a decorative piece but it is a priority. Paying attention while
choosing yours may add an enchanting touch and personality to your

Here are some tips on how to choose the right bathroom mirror that fits
your needs.

The shape of the mirror you need!

There are many varieties of shapes of mirrors, the most common
ones are oval and rectangular mirrors.
Choosing the convenient shape of your bathroom mirror is related to
other decor and the sink design, Let's talk about these different shapes.

Oval mirrors

It is common that oval mirrors are more convenient with classic style
then the modern ones, but actually, it depends on their design whether it
is frameless, ornamental framed, or just a wooden frame.
Generally, oval mirrors are preferred for limited walls and small
bathrooms, and also they fit the edgy-modern style.

Rectangular mirrors


There are many variations in rectangular mirror styles and shapes.
the more the height of the mirror, the more light is reflected so the
bathroom appears wider and brighter than normal.
The size of the mirror is related to the sink size, wall space, and other
decorative details in your bathroom.


Round Mirrors

If you are passionate about minimalism and simple bathroom style, you
will love round mirrors. They have no sharp angles so they have a
smooth and elegant finish.
Whatever the shape of the mirror, there are many varieties of its types
according to other details.

6 Different Bathroom Mirror Types

The bathroom mirror is a priority, it is not just a decorative piece, it plays
an important role in lighting reflection, so the bathroom appears larger
and more bright. So pay some attention and decide which type is perfect
for your bathroom.

Lighted Mirrors

The mirror is framed with lighting units that add a charming Hollywood
style to your decor.
If your bathroom lighting is weak, you have to think about lighted mirrors.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are very versatile, they may be just a wooden frame or
an ornamental one, choosing depends on your desire to enhance your
bathroom decor.Frameless mirrors

If you are a minimalist, frameless mirrors are the first choice as it is so
simple and easy to fit with any style. Small bathrooms need little detailed
designs not to appear complicated and cluttered, so a frameless mirror is
the perfect one.
May you are asking now how to choose the right bathroom mirror?

5 Tips on How to Choose The Right Bathroom Mirror

Some considerations should be taken before choosing the right bathroom mirror, below, we will list some of these considerations.

Consider Your bathroom style

Find out which colors and design details you are fond of the most, therefore deciding the style of your bathroom. Read on for some types.

  • Modern style

Modern bathrooms feature sleek and clear details like a floating vanity, minimalist faucets, and streamlined lighting.

  • Contemporary style.

That style is always away from traditional looks and depends on technology and minimalism like LED smart mirrors and digital shower cabinets.

  • Rustic style.

The natural wooden color is the iconic feature of this style, there are warm details in every aspect of the bathroom design like filament bulb lighting.

Consider the bathroom size

Generally, mirrors allow bathrooms to appear larger and more bright, but it is important to take the bathroom size into consideration, including sink size, the size of the wall where the mirror will be placed, and your height.

Framed vs Frameless

It is important to decide if you want a framed or a frameless mirror, the wooden framed mirror fits with the wooden sink vanity but the disadvantage of the framed mirror is the little coverage because the frame is taking place.

while frameless mirrors are sleek and clear in design which makes them the perfect choice for minimalist and modern bathroom styles. Frameless mirrors provide full coverage,  easy to choose without hesitation between different frames, and finally no risk of moisture.

Framed mirrors, what are the Frame Materials

There are many different varieties of framed mirrors related to the style and the frame materials and finishes of it. If your bathroom style is ornate and rich in details, so the metal framework enhances the decorative view.

Don’t forget to choose your favorite finishes like brush nickel, brass, or matt black which should match well with other bathroom accessories ( light bulbs, wallpaper).

Wooden frames fit into the farmhouse and rustic bathroom styles, they add a charming natural look, but you have to be aware of wood types to avoid the risk of moisture.

Consider the bathroom mirror size

Mirrors should be narrower than the sink Vanity and not longer than it.

Mirror proportions to other bathroom compartments should be taken into consideration, as you want a wall-to-wall mirror or just one that covers the vanity.

The mirror is preferred to be in the center of the vanity wall with a space left on each side of the wall for light bulbs if present.

Best-size-for mirror

You can use blank paper with the determined size of the mirror to be able to imagine and visualize the real proportions of the perfect size related to the bathroom wall size.

Finally, choosing the right bathroom mirror depends mainly on its size, as always said “measure twice and cut once”, you have to pay attention to determine the right mirror size after choosing your favorite style.

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